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January 16, 2018frjohnma


This age display the grossest absence of knowledge and faith experience about the person of Mary. Because Mary is not known and appreciated, many things have gone wrong ranging from a distorted identity of Jesus and coldness to Him, through shallow faith in Jesus, impiety and lukewarmness, to ungodliness (absence of holiness) and unhappiness; to the dominance of secularism, materialism and the celebration of the triumph of secular humanism and atheism. The foregoing are a consequence of poor and thin knowledge about the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the prevalence of blasphemous positions and statements against our Lady’s personality and Office.

Francis Bacon says, “Knowledge is power,” that is knowledge grants us the ability to control. What does the concept of control mean? It means the ability to manage or direct something or situations. The history of our salvation makes it clear that the Devil and man tried to thwart the creation of God and almost distorted the plans of God. However, God restored His creation and plans for man and the world. What was the chief remedy and instrument of restoration? It was MARY as Gen. 3:15 says, “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; He will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel.” God had conceived Mary as a Divine idea in His mind since eternity and He never started our divine salvation and plans without Mary. Now there are many outcomes of God’s relationship with Mary: the Incarnation of the Son of God and the Divine Motherhood of Mary, Mary’s initiation of the first miracles of Jesus (miracle of grace – Luke 1:44 and miracle of nature – John 2:1-11), her consolation of Jesus during His passion and crucifixion and her prayers with the infant Church at Jerusalem to welcome the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:14, etc. Christianity rests so much on these fruits of the relationship between God and Mary. However, we have failed to acknowledge and appreciate the points above due to what Father Faber calls human respect and carnal prudence[1]

It is the knowledge about Mary that Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI has accumulated over the years that led him to renew the incredible efficacy of Mary to the resolutions of the current crises bedevilling our world. He speaks, “To the crisis in the understanding of the Church, to the crisis of morality, to the crisis of woman, the (Pope) has a remedy, among others, to propose ‘A remedy whose reputation seems to be clouded today with some Catholics but one that is more than ever relevant.’ It is the remedy that he designates with a short name: Mary. … he continues, it is necessary to go back to Mary if we want to return to that ‘truth about Jesus Christ,’ ‘truth about the Church’ and ‘truth about man’ … ‘Mary must be more than ever the pedagogy, in order to proclaim the Gospel to men of today’[2]

The question is, how eager are we to learn about the person of the Blessed Virgin Mary? For the little we know, how willing are we to apply them to our daily lives? Have we forgotten about the dignity and powers of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Her powers of intercession, her power to fight heretics and their heresies, her irreconcilable enmity and battle against the devil and his legion, etc. The aforementioned flow from her dignity and offices – Mother of God, Most Holy Virgin and Queen of All Hearts.

There are signs to proof our knowledge of Mary, namely, spread of some good works, the success of some devotions and the coming of some good time.

[1] L. MONTFORT, True Devotion to Mary : With Preparation For Total Consecration, xxiii. What is human respect? According to Frank Duff, in his book, Can We be Saints, Dublin, De Montfort House, 1958, 17; “Human Respect may be defined as the putting of the opinion of others in the place of our conscience. You have always been in the habit of blessing yourself when at your meals. When not at home, through a form, of shame, you do not do this. This is Human Respect.  You always touch your hat as you pass a Church -except when with Protestants? You would not have a religious picture in your drawing room. You are shy about making the Stations of the Cross. You would be mortified if your Rosary Beads fell from your pocket in Protestant company or in the bus. All these are signs of the disease we are discussing. In a word, you are so taken up with making your conduct acceptable to others that you have no room for the thought that God might have been pleased by these little open professions of Faith. You have treated Him as the rich are supposed to treat their poor relations -acknowledging them in private, ignoring them in public.”
[2] J. C. RATZINGER – V. MESSORI, The Ratzinger Report: An Exclusive Interview on the State of the Church, Ignatius Press, San Francisco 1985, 104-106.

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