A unique law in the kingdom of God

January 16, 2018frjohnma

Dear friends in Christ, happy Pentecost Sunday! At every Pentecost we usually experience the out pouring of unspeakable gifts, communication of information, and these result in the formation, transformation, and empowerment of our souls by the Holy Spirit. I pray that all of us may experience our own share and have our joys completed by the agency and operations of the Holy Ghost, Amen. However, even though the Holy Spirit is so immanent, generous and friendly with us in the kingdom of God and ever ready to assist us to become Christ; I am becoming perplex at the rate at which we are finding life in the spirit challenging and sometimes impossible. We are baptized in the Trinity but it rarely manifest in the discovery and demonstration of our gifts, cultivation of virtues and living as moved by the promptings of the Holy Spirit. What could be the reason (s)?

There is a law in the kingdom of God that many of us know and we are neglecting or trivializing; interestingly, St. Louis Marie de Montfort has explained it in understandable terms. He says, “To Mary, God the Holy Ghost has communicated His unspeakable gifts; and He has chosen her to be the dispenser of all He possesses, in such wise that she distributes to whom she wills, as much as she wills, as she wills and when she wills, all His gifts and graces.” More so, Montfort asserts, that the Holy Ghost wishes to form the faithful in the root that Christ was formed and for that singular and special reason, first, “Mary has produced, together with the Holy Ghost, the greatest (being) which has been or ever will be – a God-Man; and she will consequently produce the greatest saints that there will be in the end of time.” Moreover, he affirms that “When the Holy Ghost … (the spouse of Mary) has found Mary in a soul, He flies there. He enters there in His fullness; He communicates Himself to that soul abundantly…”  Today, we find very few genuine Christians with the spiritual formation and transformation of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because the Holy Spirit can only operate in a soul where He finds His bride – the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In our creed we profess this great law in the kingdom of God when we say, “For us men and our salvation He came down from heaven, and became man, and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man” (Luke 1:35). Again, the great law of the espousal of the Holy Spirit and Mary is experienced at the foot of the cross (John 19:25-27) and during the first novena experience that led to the Pentecost (Acts 1:14). Now this law exposes the meaning of Christianity – becoming Christ and how to become Christ. How can we become Christ? This can come through when the Holy Spirit finds Mary in us and Mary takes up the special duty of our formation and transformation.

Reflective question: How faithfully do we respect and apply the great law of the espousal of the Holy Spirit and Mary in our souls and every other operations?

Prayer: Lord God, you sanctify your Church in every race and nation by the mystery we celebrate on this day. Pour out the gifts of the Holy Spirit on all mankind, and fulfil now in the hearts of your faithful what you accomplished when the Gospel was first preached on earth. Through our Lord…

Rev. Fr. John-Mary Atep.


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