October 19, 2018frjohnma

Self-Mastery means many things to many people and schools of thought. Many people pay huge amount of money especially to esoteric schools of thought in order to gain self-mastery as they claim. Self-mastery, as an idea, is simple. It is the ability to control our impulses and subject them to rational and intentional decision‑making. Self-mastery actually begins with self-awareness. Unfortunately, self-awareness is surprisingly lacking in many people’s lives. Moreover, many trivialize it. For us Christians, self-mastery centres on the cultivation of virtues. Therefore, St. Louis de Montfort asserts, “The meditation on the mysteries and prayers of the Rosary is the easiest of all prayers, because the diversity of the virtues of our Lord and the different situations of his life which we study, refresh and fortify our mind in a wonderful way and help us to avoid distractions. For the learned, these mysteries are the source of the most profound doctrine, while simple people find in them a means of instruction well within their reach.” Self-Mastery also entails self-discipline, the training of the mind and will and ultimately the cultivation of the principle of integrity. The Rosary has all to help us to attain self-mastery.  Please let us pray our Rosary.


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  • Vicky

    October 20, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Absolutely. May God help us.

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