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The Holy Rosary is very relevant for men and women of all walks of life. Children and their growth and development especially in the Catholic faith and their spiritual life are not left out. The Block Rosary Crusade has remained a formidable structure that can help to train children through the instrument of the Holy Rosary.

The Origin of Block Rosary Crusade: Block Rosary Crusade (BRC) is an association of Catholics (Adult & Children) who fight evil and sin with the Rosary under the help of Mary, and Our Lady of the Rosary Herself founded it.  In her sixth apparition, October 13th 1917, she named herself, Our Lady of the Rosary and asked that a chapel be built at Cova da Iria in her honour.  The chapel was built for prayers and it is the first Block Rosary Crusade Centre that existed before it spread all over the world.  Hence, Sr. Lucia, St. Francisco and St. Jacinta became the first members of the BRC Society.

Aims of BRC: BRC propagates the messages of Our Lady of Fatima, which are centred on fighting against the forces of evil, sin and Satan and restoring peace in our world. It promotes a renewal of Christian prayer, penance and sacrifice. It teaches the Catholic faith, doctrines and Christian way of life. These sacred duties are carried out through daily recitation of the Holy Rosary, Bible study, teaching of Catechism, Singing, Studying the lives of the Saints and Biblical Stories, Visitation of homes and hospitals, prisons and physically challenged people’s homes, plus other deeds of mercy.

Importance of BRC in the lives of Catholic Children

*BRC helps children to love Jesus Christ (as they recall his good works and mysteries)

*BRC helps children to be devoted to Mary (Luke 1:48)

*BRC teaches children their Catholic faith and doctrines

*BRC helps children to be prayerful

*BRC helps children to have friends (friends of Jesus and Mary)

*BRC assists children to live a good Christian life for their families and society

*BRC helps children to become saints like Francisco and Jacinta.

Let us join in promoting the Block Rosary Crusade and encourage our children to participate. These centres are fading gradually because of lack of continuity.

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