October 8, 2019frjohnma

Silence is a special gift of God and the special language of God. We cultivate silence through liturgy and the rosary. God’s mighty works are accomplished in silence. Take for instance mysteries like the Trinity, Incarnation and the vocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the insights contained in the Word of God and so forth were revealed in silence. The noiseless orbiting of the planets, the growth of crops in the fields, the growth of our human bodies and eternity are also revealed through silence. “Listening and meditation are nourished by silence. After the announcement of the mystery and the proclamation of the word, it is fitting to pause and focus one’s attention for a suitable period of time on the mystery concerned, before moving into vocal prayer. A discovery of the importance of silence is one of the secrets of practicing contemplation and meditation. One drawback of a society dominated by technology and the mass media is the fact that silence becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. Just as moments of silence are recommended in the Liturgy, so too in the recitation of the Rosary it is fitting to pause briefly after listening to the word of God, while the mind focuses on the content of a particular mystery.”

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