Month of Mary – May Devotions – Day 26 – The power of Mary!

May 26, 2018frjohnma

Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Mother Mary! Thank you for your prayers, daily reflections, readership and comments throughout the special month of Mary and our devotions in honour of her. The core of May devotion is the cultivation of virtues following the footprints of our Lady, Mother and Queen.

Our interest today is to share on the power of Mary. The saints are known to say of Mother Mary  “De Maria numquam satis” – “Of Mary, never enough.” As human beings, our driving force in life has always been a dream to self-actualise or attain self-realisation. A passion to exercise power or to acquire it is the practical dimension of our quest for success. Even the search and craving for authority and control, money, sex and drugs are geared towards the satisfaction of power. The old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely has fallen on the deaf ears of a few of us and  we think that this dictum is only interpreted politically. We point accusing fingers towards those in corridors of power. This is not the case for now because we all have power and we are in need of authority to exercise it. The challenge is that many of us acquire the “authority” to exercise power willfully and it has not helped us. However, some of us may want to accumulate more power and later become enslaved by it and to it. God forbid, my dear child of Mary! We need to imitate Our Lady in her acquisition and exercise of  power and authority. This is a wonderful and powerful Woman who controls and checks the devil and his works and gimmicks. But she is empowered by God in (Genesis 3:15). This is a miraculous engineer and advocate for the children of God but she is commissioned by her Supreme Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth to do so. For example, the two beginning miracles of Jesus began at her instances. In the miracle of grace,  she led Jesus  to be worshipped by John the Baptist and in the miracle of nature she asked Jesus to change water into wine. Mother thanks a lot for teaching us how to use our powers. Our Mother has all the powers to do whatever she wills except to be God whom she reveres by saying “My soul glorifies the Lord.” Therefore, like her we too can check our excess craving for power and how we have been oppressing others with it. Establish many friendships and admirers for yourself by the way you acquire and exercise power and authority.

Prayer: Mother we your children have been blessed by your Son with the powers or abilities to do good as you have always done, but it is not the case with me. I crave for power unnecessarily just to lord it over others. I desire to use my power to serve and not to oppress and humiliate people. I desire to influence people positively and to use whatever position/office I occupy to bring transformation and joy in people’s lives. I pray to be satisfied with the level or position I am in life and not to destroy peoples’ reputation before I can attain fame or honour. Help me with your spirit of service, and nothing more. Amen.


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  • vicky

    May 26, 2018 at 7:21 pm


  • Prince Alfred Atep

    May 27, 2018 at 12:09 am

    May it be so in my life through the intercession of our Lady. Amen .

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